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You’ll never forget the experience we are ready to present to you!

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Hotel Info

We know hotels...luxurious ones, unique ones, romantic and business hotels as well. The Lakeland Travel Agency can recommend and book one or many to complement the style of your vacation and cater your interest.

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Hot Tours

What better way to plan a tour than by someone with ground knowledge, and familiarity with the area? Leverage our knowledge to plan your itinerary efficiently.

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Our professional travel consultants will never rush or pressure you. We will however take the time that's needed to get to know you, your interests and find out the goals of your vacation.

About Lakeland Travel Agent

A travel agent best fitted for your needs.

Our Story

Lakeland Travel Agent is a service for those living in our hometown. The people of central Florida have amazing accessibility to the entire state, and we specialize in helping locals take advantage of the beauty that grows around them. Staffed with professional vacation planners, we have created experiences for travelers and aspiring adventurers since 2011. We create travel itineraries planned with knowledge of the area’s best of the best. We imagine experiences for our neighbors, designed to make memories that will last a lifetime. We turn daydreams into dream days, and help starts with a single phone call.

Our Process

We want to get to know our neighbors! The team at Lakeland Travel Agent specializes in custom itineraries based on YOUR dreams, wishes, and bucket-list items. Please, browse through some of our predesigned trips. Let our itineraries spur your imagination! If you want to set your ideas in stone, purchase right away and we will immediately get to know you, and make all of your reservations. Or, indulge our imaginations. Customize your itineraries with our team’s expert knowledge. Our proprietary planning process is unique to Lakeland Travel Agent. We want to take an individualized approach - we want your vacation to be YOUR experience. Let us listen to your ideas, and we will take the next steps in arranging the details. Call us today.

People Power

Our Guides are the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

Come, experience and enjoy your adventure with us!
Innovative Tours

Each place has a story. Our tours are researched so you can explore life, culture, and history; everywhere.


Our goal is to save our clients time and many of our destinations are reachable in 3 hours or less. Take advantage of the beauty that surrounds you in your home state.

International Travel

We aspire to send travel bugs across the globe! Stretch your wings and soar across the boarders. We will plan the perfect itinerary for exploration and relaxation.

Work With Locals

We trust the knowledge of the highest rated guides in each area. We put you in the best hands to give you access to the wonders only the locals know. Want to know where to go - ask a local.

Our Philosophy

Not everyone has a week they can take off of work for a vacation. We specialize in long weekend trips, dedicated to Floridian fun and relaxation. Travel somewhere beautiful and experience an adventure designed for you.

Core Values

We value safety, education, and our client’s experience. We treat travel as an experience, and every step of the way as a means to the end. It’s your new story to live.

Eco Adventures

Learn and explore the wonders that are Florida’s natural ecosystems. Watch wild dolphins explore, adventure through tropical flora and foliage, and swim through colorful reefs. Understand the world beyond Florida’s borders, our eco adventures are available all over.

Travel Insurance

We use Travel Guard gold policy to protect our client’s safety and trip. We plan for the unexpected and will always do our best to help you.


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