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Check out the world's concrete jungles. Discover culture and education in museums, theatre shows, private tours, and more. Explore the sights and sounds of the urban life. Have an expert guide travel around with just you and your partner. Hear the answers to your questions. Walk the city streets like a local. All of our private guides are experts of their area. Trained and certified to show you through the best areas of the world, our guides give you access to knowledgeable exploration. Dig deeper.

Best Season:All Year Long
Popular Location:NYC, Chicago, Toronto, London,


New York, New York

Sailings, Urban

Truly appreciate the famous scenery of the Big Apple from land, water, and air. Conquer all the sightseeing attractions you desire with the ...

from $3,588.00

Ivoryton, Connecticut

Rural, Urban

Spend time during the beautiful season of autumn watching the leaves change colors in the Lower Connecticut River Valley. Ivoryton, ...

from $3,480.00

Charleston, South Carolina


Experience an enjoyable long weekend in Charleston, South Carolina. Relax, sight see, and explore the cobblestone streets by a horse-drawn ...

from $1,865.00$1,614.00